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Kristen & Andrew Corbett - Tavi (Husky / Shepherd Mix)


Incredible experience! Our dog Tavi is a husky shepherd mix that became increasingly reactive to other dogs over the past year. It made walks stressful and we often avoided places with other dogs. It became very isolating and we really missed meeting other dogs. We contacted a few different trainers who explained using the 'avoidance strategy' and suggested that we avoid dog parks and places that would trigger reactivity. I was really disheartened thinking that this was the only option for Tavi... and then I heard about the dog dudes! They integrated Tavi into their pack of awesome huskies and they taught her how to be a calm, confident, friendly, and happy dog. It was so incredibly cool watching her behavior shift !  Dylan and Darijan are very skilled at what they do. They are super calm and positive which reflects very well on the dogs around them. They are both very smart and knowledgeable in animal behavior. They taught us how to understand Tavi's behavior, how to properly encourage her and correct her when necessary. And ultimately how to trust her again and grow as quickly as she did. Before meeting the dog dudes, Tavi was reacting to almost every dog that we would pass. Now, just 6 sessions later, Tavi is playing off leash at the dog park! She can live the happy husky life she deserves. 

Thank you Dog Dudes, this experience has been the best thing that could ever happen for us and Tavi!!!

Erika & Craig Alm - Dash & Otto (2 Standard Dachshunds)

Thank you Dylan and Darijan! The 'Dog Dudes' and their pack worked with our two standard daschund boys who were reactive to other dogs when on leashes, and could be unfriendly and bark (a lot) at fellow dogs. We started with the pack at our home, and then for walks on the North Shore, and the change was evident right from the first session. I can now hike with my dogs off leash and have cues for happy and friendly greetings which we experience 95% of the time! I have much more insight into what our dogs might react to, or how to address situations that in the past I would dread. It's a complete turnaround in behaviour thanks to these two and their pack. After trying so many other trainers I don't hesitate to recommend to just call Dog Dudes!

Sue Howard- Bo and Duke (Giant Lab Mix and Mini Dachshund)


Amazing! I am the owner of a large mixed breed “Bo” and a tiny dachshund with tons of attitude “Duke”, both dogs are reactive and became increasingly difficult to walk... we avoided other dogs! The dog dudes helped us face our fears and we brought Bo and Duke to various dog locations meeting tons of other dogs head on!!! They instilled confidence in all of us and made walks enjoyable!!! We learned about dog behaviour ... incredible, the huskies were a huge part of the training ...we tried several other trainers without success, their technique is unique and it works!!!

Alexis and Ben Darling - Nellie (Boxer)

Our boxer Nellie was having some aggression issues and was fairly unpredictable around other dogs. We found the combination of the “pack” and one on one training with Dylan and Darijan to be a very effective way to train Nellie. She’s now a much better behaved pup and the techniques they empowered us with were very beneficial if issues reoccur in future. Would highly recommend them.

Jesse Phillips & Pierre Jones - Uma and Ledger (2 Siberian Huskies)

The way these guys work is amazing. Such great personalities and they use their beautiful dogs to help with training. Really impressed and satisfied. I would recommend these guys to anyone trying to help correct behaviour issues with your pooch! 

Loki Meyburg & Blue Cutchie - Raisin (French Bulldog)

They're great! Our little French Bulldog, Raisin, was a handful and we really needed help. She's so much better now after a few sessions, plus my wife and I still use the great tips they gave us. Highly recommend

Victoria Butt-Buhler - Beni (Labrador Retriever Mix)

Beni just “graduated”from two sets of sessions with Dylan, Darijan, Sky, Phoenix, Ocean and Orca! I can’t thank them all enough for everything they have taught Beni and our whole family! We are all happier now that Beni functions more like a friendly dog. He was a very reactive dog towards many dogs when leashed or off leash, and has now learnt many manners and is becoming a happy and friendly almost 2 year old boy. We have learnt better ways to handle him and are now looking forward to going out for walks with him. I am not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t heard about the dog dudes when I was feeling quite desperate, they appeared at the right time! Thanks once more and hope to see you again, good luck with everything. Highly recommend you!

Bette Riske - Theo (Doberman)

Thank you Dog Dudes for changing our life ! My 1 1/2 year male Dobi was becoming very reactive/aggressive with other dogs for many different reasons, over sticks, balls, if another dog ran into him, dogs posturing, the list goes on. I became so nervous before taking him to parks worrying about what kind of dogs we would meet , what would happen and was at my wits end with breaking up fights . I came across Dog Dudes and was desperate for help. I spoke with Dylan and he calmed me down and assured me Dog Dudes could help my boy. After 8 sessions with The Pack , my boy became a new dog ! His reactive behaviour completely vanished with Dog Dudes approach .Apart from the Huskies working with Theo during the sessions, I was taught how to handle a situation and how to let my boy know I was in charge and he didn't have to "Take Care of Business" I can now TRUST my boy to behave in an appropriate manner. Dog Dudes and Pack have made our life calm and enjoyable. So many dog owners commented on how my boy is a "Different Dog" after the training sessions. Cheers to Dog Dudes Pack Power ! Theo loves you !!

Jamie Lauren & Rory Cragg - Ruby and Kova (2 Alaskan Malamutes)



We are beyond grateful for the dog dudes! They’ve helped our Ruby with socializing & aggression. She was once nervous of other dogs, that manifested into aggression. They’ve helped Ruby understand that socializing is fun & she doesn’t need to be fearful of territorial. Thanks so so much Dylan & Darijan! Xo

Leah MaryAnn - Tia (Pitbull)

I am soo grateful to have found you guys! We brought our dog Tia to get some training as she would react to larger dogs. We started to feel hopeless but after 2 sessions with the dog dudes Tia was off leash saying hi to all dogs!! It has been a year now since our sessions and Tia is so happy and relaxed. Thank you guys!

Landon Dominelli - Eli (Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix)

Dylan and Darijan and their family of Siberian huskies are amazing! From our 1st session, their “Dog Whisperer” talents were very apparent, and they made great strides with our Boarder collie/Australian shepaherd, Eli. Eli had many anxious behaviours and would frequently bark, chase and challenge motorcycles, cyclists, joggers and sometimes even children!
We were almost ready to give him up! Not only do they have a full grasp of canine behaviour, but they also are very good educators for us owners. And on a professional level, they have excellent communication skills, friendly welcoming personalities, and confident, established posture. If you can be fully present and willing to learn somethings, you and your dog, will have nothing but the best experience with “The Dog Dudes”

Mitra Ra - Gemma (German Shepherd)

My dog was being labeled as aggressive dog, so I was looking for a trainer to see what seem to be the issue, Dog Dudes saved my baby and myself for ever, my dog is 9 but they managed her brilliantly, thanks Dylan and Darijan, love you both 

Mitra Rad - Lupa (Siberian Husky)

I had the pleasure to work with dog dudes and their lovely pack to train my very energetic husky. My dog Lupa had issues with the commands "come", "stay", and her overall behaviour when she was off leashed. Dog dudes approach of pack power therapy was extremely effective in training my dog, not only on the issues I was concerned about, but also on her overall behaviour as part of a pack (our family). Our training sessions built a strong trust between my dog and I, and gave me the confidence as the owner to allow my dog more freedom, and do more hiking and outdoor activities with her, which resulted in a very healthy and happy husky. We had a very pleasurable experience working with dog dudes, and strongly recommend them to all the dog owners who want to see their furry babies happy and confident.

Georgina Wylie - Jake (Anatolian Shepherd)

The dog dudes were absolutely amazing with my Anatolian Shepherd, who was on a good day extremely stubborn, they were lifesavers.

Whitney Kittens - Kyle (Siberian Husky)

Two great dudes who know dogs. I strongly recommend their services. They have time and time again impressed me. They care about your dogs welfare. And definitely want to see your pup achieve. And the whole pack approach works. I give them five outta five

Dana & Tanner Alden - (Chihuahua)

Uber passionate, knowledgeable and committed to your dog’s wellbeing and rehabilitation! Can’t say enough positives!!

Brooklyn Reed - Luna and Kali (American Eskimo Mix & Siberian Husky)

Dylan, Darijan and their pack of huskies are incredible trainers! When we adopted our two pups, they accompanied us to pick up the dogs. They had their pack greet our new dogs to help calm their nerves before we met them. They have helped us train out nervous, anxious and impatient tendencies in one of our dogs. Dylan and Darijan are very professional, intuitive and experienced dog trainers. I would and do recommend them to everyone.

Tristan Jones - Sora and Toshi (2 Pitbulls)

Great guys to work with, I cant thank them enough for what they have done for me and my dogs, I had 2 highly anxious agressive pitbulls and after working with the Dog Dudes they have become 2 of the most confident and well behaving dogs an owner could ever ask for, I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with similar issues with their dogs. Thanks guys 

Steven & Derick Rodrozen - Mason (Siberian Husky)

Amazing service, they helped our dog and changed our lives, thank you guys!!!

Kris & Lindsay Bodi - Matty (Boston Terrier)

These guys are absolutely fantastic. Our male boston terrier had so much separation anxiety when we would leave that he would literally destroy everything in his path. With the dog dudes therapy and patience, Matty is now a calm, relaxed dog who can stay at home for extended periods of time without any issue! Thanks guys!!!

Michelle Cote - Ruby (Mixed Breed)

When our girl Ruby came into our life, she was a little wildling, as she was rescued from the bush where her mama gave birth to her and her siblings. She went through several homes before arriving with us at 9 weeks. Not having had her pack to give her dog family to give her the right training , she had a lot of issues and we were determined not to give up and seek help so could be a well adjusted member of our family. I came across a poster at the Kitsilano dogs beach and called right away. Dylan came to our house with the pack and started the work. We had regular sessions and I was very impressed with how quickly Ruby learned respect and good behaviours around his dogs and I learned the skills I needed to keep her in check and continue working on her training on my own. At almost three years old, Ruby is now a phenomenal dog, full of love, athletic, and for the most part, well behaved. I have even passed along what I learned from the dog dudes to others and helped their dogs become well adjusted. Thank you guys for all your hard work with our fur babies!

Liz Jackson - Ebi (Husky / German Shepherd Mix)

Thank you Dylan and Darijan. You brought new hope to me and Ebi, my northern mix pup. I almost stopped using dog parks because the obstacles were too great. Ebi is a bundle of energy, and sometimes anxiety that was hard for me to predict or prepare for. We tried some trainers but nothing was able to break through like you and the pack. Ebi is way less anxious now and excited to meet new friends all the time. I couldn't have made these strides without you guys. Call them they're worth it!

Coutts J Graham - Koa (Australian Sheep Dog)

After being attacked by another dog when he was a puppy, our Australian Koolie, Koa, became incredibly reactive to all dogs and people. We tried almost every training method available and it wasn’t until we met the Dog Dudes that there was finally success. Since the first meeting with Dylan and Darijan, they were able to calm Koa down to the point where he became comfortable walking off-leash and with no muzzle.

What was once a dog that we were told “never was going to play at a dog park,” he became one that was chasing and being chased with 10+ dogs during our last session. While Koa still has some work to do to get comfortable in our own neighbourhood, we fully recommend the Dog Dudes for any dog that is facing challenges!

Thanks guys, we will be back for a few refreshers.

Christina Sequonis - Lexi (Pitbull / Dalmatian Mix)

It was truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Dylan, Darijan, and the rest of the pack. 
Our dog Lexi was growing increasingly reactive around other dogs to the point that we avoided almost all contact with dogs we didn't know simply to err on the side of caution. Over time, I had even lost all confidence in myself to introduce her to other dogs, which only exacerbated the situation further. 
Dylan and Darijan's approach to behavioral issues in Lexi was to expose her to situations that we would otherwise avoid and teach both Lexi and myself how to properly respond to a situation if Lexi were to show aggression. This allowed Lexi to finally have her freedom back, and for me to trust that in most situations everything was going to be fine. 
Avoiding the issue definitely wasn't helping our situation, and we are so grateful to have learned a better way to grow past Lexi's issues with positive interactions, and being more adept to identify potential negative interactions before they arose. 

Roselie Stiles - Tiger (Border Collie), Tyson (Golden Retriever) and Haiden (Mixed Breed)

Gratitude Smiles from Ear to Ear

Today was one of the best days of my life, to see all 3 of our dogs enjoying their FREEDOM-at-the-dog-park was truly pure bliss (smiles from ear to ear). Dylan and Darijan, and there charismatic 
yet calm pack really are miracle workers, each one bringing something different to the learning experience/team/family.
When we inherited two additional dogs in sequence, it really disrupted the success we’d had with our first dog (whom originally had undergone training for notable issues). We then accuired a severely anxious rescue dog, when an ill family member became sick. As the third young dog was inherited (anxious-aggressive energy right from the get go) things just escalated and walks became tense and stress-full, and the other two dogs behaviours slipped backwards. We went from off leash, to leash, to avoidance and dashing into the forest off grid as the only solace. We’d avoid run ins with people or dogs, and each dogs’ triggers’ were amplified X 3 being in an unstable pack (before training). We became more isolated as a whole. We practice release-based-avoidance, until we saw a posting at a local Pet Shop for ‘The Dog Dudes’ and after a little impressive research we booked some sessions.
Dylan and Darijan came to our house and on the first session put our most needy dog into place. I appreciated the calm gentle energy that they exuded, and in which they corrected our dogs quickly (the idea to do so ‘with loving energy’ which really resonated with me personally). They then had our youngest dog meet their calm pack and he was integrated and corrected by both the pack leader (Sky) as well as human trainers interchangeably. The subsequent sessions were one at a time to the dog park...and all were off leash for at least half (which is amazing in itself but it keeps getting better). Tiger showed he was capable of being a normal dog on his own. Tyson went from anxious to obnoxious to functionally social, and Haiden was his old “walk in the park” self...AMAZING!!! 
Finally test day came around, and as anticipated Tigers energy was off the charts in a negative way to start...but with some initial correcting he prevailed wonderfully; Tyson needed many reminders to stay calm but was for sure responding, listening and ‘what?!’-correcting himself; and Haiden was his redeemed star self, and rightfully recognized crowning, as the calm leader of our pack.

Much love to The Dog Dudes for this latest miracle. 

3 Happy Humans+3 Happy Dogs= One Big Happy Family!  😍😍😍 ✨🐕✨🐕✨🐕
Oh and lastly, of commend-ability: Dylan and Darijan were respectful and engaging with all our family members, our only regret is Darijan could not be there for our farewell session, however: much gratitude for your always calm nature! We will remember you in all our newfound freedom.

Tanya Pipke and Gordo Travis - Boo Bear (Pitbull)

Amazing! Our dog Boo is a 4 year old blue nose pitbull. After she turned 3 she was getting more and more reactive towards other dogs so we started avoiding every dog we met. After the first training session with the pack we saw a huge improvement and she was meeting every dog properly. With constant positive reinforcement and gentle corrections when showing the first signs of negative reactions she got better with every session. By the 5th session she was off leash sometimes and interacting with every dog we passed with no incidents. We strongly recommend the Dog Dudes! They gave us our stress-free walks back now we can enjoy every moment with Boo! Couldn't have been better and we can't believe our dog can play with other dogs now!

Christina and Sandra Sinclair - Fraser (Mini Australian Shepherd)














The power of the pack! Our boy Fraser has had some behavioural issues that have now been exasperated with our father taking ill and constant care workers entering the house. We have tried other training methods but, they didn’t work for us and in turn was not translated to success for Fraser. We engaged The Dog Dudes and their pack and in 5 sessions we have seen success at home, still a work in progress with the tips they provided, and even more exciting success out of the home. On our last session I witnessed my boy look to the pack for assurance when his nemesis “bikes” approached, they didn’t react so he didn’t! Even more than that success I got to witness my boy being a “free” dog with complete unleashed freedom and no muzzle! He played with the other dogs and chased a stick without a single incident. We are looking to continue our training, more for human training than dog, but because I have seen it I know it is possible! To “The Dudes” and the pack we are forever grateful!